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The VIN-VSPN offices will be closed Monday, September 1, 2014 for the US Labor Day holiday. The VSPN administrative team will be checking email periodically this holiday weekend, but response may be a little slower than normal.

Veterinary technology and veterinary assisting programs are keeping the VSPN admin team busy with processing applications! It is great to see so many programs sending students our way. Before completing your application, please take a look at our How to Complete a VSPN Application . If you have not heard from us after 48 hours, please contact the staff at Help@vspn.org.

VSPN will be on the road again soon. Charlotte will be heading to Indianapolis, Indiana to help with the cybercafés at IVECCS. The VSPN Get Together will be held on Thursday, September 11, 2014. Stop by the Get Together to meet many of our VSPN moderators, instructors and members! For more information, please see this message board thread.

Mars Petcare
Mars Petcare issued a dog food recall on August 26, 2014. Click on the banner link to the VIN Drug and Food Recall center at the bottom of the VSPN Main page to learn more.

VSPN CE has added five brand new courses to the open for enrollment list! Check out these exciting courses in nursing and practice management on the VIN-VSPN CE Portal page.

Carrington College Veterinary Technology Program in San Jose, California

Fort Valley State University Veterinary Technology Program in Fort Valley, Georgia

Southern Illinois Collegiate Common Market Veterinary Technology Program in Herrin, Illinois

Highlands Pet Hospital in Concord, North Carolina

  1. Production calculations
  2. Alfaxalone makes its appearance in the USA
  3. Technician wanting to extend dental expertise
  4. ACVS roommate
  5. PetSites/VINx Happy Cat Month newsletter
  6. Clinic dishwasher for patient dishes
  7. Standing or sitting receptionists?
  8. Serum for phenobarbital levels
  9. Treatment for coccidia in a kitten
  10. Ferret diets
  11. Controlled substance logs
  12. Cleaning alligator clips
  13. Compensation and benefits survey
  14. Cat friendly mixed practices
  15. Propoflo28 in cats
  16. Oddity found on dental radiograph
  17. Cardiac arrest with anesthesia induction
  18. Physical rehabilitation/massage training
  19. Pursuing a specialty
  20. Benefits for staff


The Art of Interpreting Arterial Blood Gases in Small Animal Patients
There can be much confusion and mystery in interpreting arterial blood gases in our patients. This VSPN CE course can help you to be able to read and interpret ABG’s and improve patient care.

VSPN CE: 800-846-0028, 530-756-4881 or 011 +61261452357, ext 792 or VSPNCE@vspn.org


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  1. VSPN Notebook® version 4.0
  2. VIN Store Gift Certificates
  3. VSPN client brochure - trifold (pack of 25 - free)


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Open Coffeehouse Rounds
Friday, August 29, 2014; 10pm ET (USA)
in the VSPN Rounds Room
Open Coffeehouse Rounds: Did you graduate from a VA or Tech program? Did you get a promotion or land your dream job? Was there a case that you just cannot get out of your mind? Inquiring minds want to know. Join Chris Upchurch to share how your summer went.

Sunday Rounds
Sunday, August 31, 2014; 10pm ET (USA)
in the VSPN Rounds Room
Sunday Rounds: The Difference Between Animal Welfare and Animal Rights. Do YOU know what it is? Cindy Dittmar will be here to explain!

Holiday Closure
Monday, September 1, 2014
Labor Day (US holiday): No Rounds or CE sessions today.

Coming up:
Wednesday September 03, 2014; 3pm ET (USA) in the VSPN Rounds Room
How To Navigate VSPN with Mary Harris. Learn how to incorporate VSPN into your professional life.

Friday, September 5, 2014; 9pm ET (USA)
in the VSPN Rounds Room
Behavior Rounds: Puppy/Kitten Behavior. Sherrie Yuschak will help you decipher feline and canine pediatric behavior.

Friday, September 5, 2014; 10pm ET (USA)
in the VSPN Rounds Room
Open Coffeehouse Rounds: Come join other VSPNers to network, visit, or discuss a case.

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Animal Welfare Information Center: Companion Animals

Abstract of the Week
Comparison of the nutrient composition of commercial dog milk replacers with that of dog milk.

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Employment & Labor Law Websites (United States)


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