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Websites - Practice Management
While we make every effort to check our list carefully, neither VSPN nor VIN are responsible for the content or functionality of websites listed below. If there should be an issue with a site or a site's content, please contact the owner of the site. All sites will open in a new window. To return to this list of websites, close the new window. To suggest a site, please email

Veterinary sites

  • Antineoplastic Drug Handling Information From OSHA
    Information includes: definition of hazardous drugs, prevention of employee exposure, disposal of hazardous drugs, and record keeping.
  • Hazardous Drug Handling From The National Guideline Clearinghouse
    The National Guideline Clearinghouse (NGC) is a comprehensive database of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines and related documents.
  • HospitalDesign.Net
    Check out the Veterinary Economics hospital of the year virtual tour.
  • Learn How To Become A Mentor
    The mission of the Academy of Rural Veterinarians is to be proactive and provide information to encourage interest in the rewards of veterinary practice in rural America.
  • Philip Seibert, CVT - SafetyVet
  • Practice Management Tools From The NCVEI
    The National Commission on Veterinary Economic Issues, a joint venture of the AVMA, the AAHA, and the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges, is an effort to address the serious and complex economic issues facing veterinarians today. Veterinarians can use this interactive website to perform practice-specific work sheets and compare their practices revenues to that of other veterinarians.
  • The Exam Room
    Take the pulse of your practice, learn how to improve your financial health, and find ways to increase the quality of your patient care. Prepared by the National Commission on Veterinary Economic Issues.
  • US Census Bureau
    Thinking of expanding your practice? Thinking of starting one in a new location? Want to know the breakdown of the local population's income, etc.? The US Census Bureau has lots of demographic data for you.
    A mechanism for posting veterinary jobs, practice sales, equipment sales, etc. by country.
  • VetQuest
    Veterinary search and referral service.

Human sites

General sites

  • Canada Alberta Beef Industry Development Fund
    This online publication features easy-to-read updates (covering background, methodology, key results, etc.) on project results that will help beef producers increase profitability in their own operation and address industry issues. Results are broken out according to the areas funded by CABIDF: animal health, forage/cow calf, feedlot, intellectual resources, manure and sustainability, and beef marketability.

A Friendly Reminder: You are ultimately responsible for the care of your patients. Recommendations and discussions of cases should be considered as recommendations by colleagues for you to consider in your case management decisions. Dosages should be confirmed prior to dispensing medications.
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