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Veterinary Assistant I (VAI) Task Check Off Sheet

submitted by Nanette Walker Smith, RVT, CVT with permission from Sacramento Veterinary Surgical Services, Inc.

This form is to be used as a check off list of tasks that a Veterinary Assistant level one (VAI) should be able to
perform. You may use it as a training tool for new personnel, as a yearly check off list prior to annual review,
as a goal oriented sheet of tasks the kennel assistant (for example) might want to attain for promotion, etc.
Note: This sheet may be used in accordance with the "Hourly Wage Chart"

The Veterinary Assistant should be able to efficiently do the following tasks in a timely manner. Each task should be
initialed by a Veterinary Technician, veterinary staff supervisor, or person in charge of the individual area. The final
check could be by the person supervising the VAI if using this sheet as a review prior to a yearly evaluation.

In order for each task to be initialed (or signed off), the VAI or VAI candidate needs to demonstrate the task
completely by showing the person reviewing the task through it in a step-by-step fashion (a "teach one" philosophy).

Location of Materials




Anesthetic Masks and Tubes


Gastric Pump and Tubes


ECG Machines


Supplies - Backstock


Supplies - Surgical


Supplies - Bandage


Emergency box/Crash Cart




Fire Extinguishers

Intravenous Fluid Operations

Drip Sets


Set - Up


IVAC Pumps


Replacing Fluids


Fluid Additions


Checking for Leaks and Swelling


Flushing Catheters


Monitor Volume - Animal not on IVAC


Monitor Volume - Animal on IVAC

Hospital Maintenance



Cage Cleaning


Isolation Room Protocol


Restocking Supplies (Inventory Procedures)


Vacuuming, Mopping


Refilling Squirt Bottles

Receptionist Duties

Telephone Protocol


Emergency Form (find and fill out)


Making Referral Files


Drop off Forms (location and use)


Appointment book (location and use)


Client Entry into the computer






Payments - credit card


Payments - check authorization


Payments - cash


Hold checks


Credit Applications


Filling prescriptions


Presciption labeling



Familiarization (location, warnings)

Commonly used drugs


Vaccines - Canine schedules


Vaccines - Feline schedules


Drugs that can be harmful to employees


Emergency drugs


Controlled drugs


Eye and Ear medications



Administration of medicines

Calculations - conversion kg > lbs and lbs > kg


Calculations - drug dosages (mg, ml, mEq.)


Fluid rates


Creating % fluids (i.e. 2.5% dextrose in LRS)


Injections - subcutaneous


Injections - subcutaneous fluids


Injections - Intracatheter


Injections - Intramuscular


Pilling a dog


Pilling a cat


Oral administration of liquid to a dog, cat, bird


Nitroglycerin Ointment


Tube feeding - bird


Tube feeding - puppy/kitten

Treatment Room Skills
Animal restraint - dog      

Animal restraint - cat


Animal restraint - rabbit


Animal restraint - bird


Animal restraint - exotics




Nail Trim


Venipuncture - cephalic


Venipuncture - saphenous


Venipuncture - jugular


Venipuncture - femoral


Hospitalized Patient Monitoring


Urinary catheter Monitoring


Palpate/Express Bladder


Oxygen Cage operation


Incubator operation


Changing N2 and O2 tanks


Chemotherapy or Zoonotic Risk Patients:

Cage Sheet


Patient Maintenance


Patient Cleanup


Writing up Treatment Sheet


Charge Sheet

Laboratory Skills



Fecal flotation


Fecal direct smear


Difil Heartworm Test


Cite Tests/Snap Tests


Outside Lab paperwork


Outside Lab tubes for Chemistry and CBC profiles




Blood Glucose


BUN - Azostrip


In house Lab machine operation


Xray Card




Xray Log


File Folder Prep


Filing Xrays


Clean up




Folding Towels


Folding Drapes


Folding Gowns


Pack Preparation


Location of Materials/Packs


Endotracheal Extubation

Care of Remains Protocol

Standard Care


Private Care




Hazardous Waste





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