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These are handouts, graphics, and other files that were uploaded by VIN members

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Antifreeze Safety

Career Survey - Careers in Veterinary Medicine - What we've got and where we're going

Chemotherapy and Cytotoxic Drug Safety Plan

Client education - Who takes care of your pet?

Client Relations - Customer service - Client appreciation - Customer service - Ways to thank your clients

Client Relations - How to Set up "Pet of the Week"

Client Relations - Phone conversation - Client perception - Can you hear me now?

Clinical Pathology - Clinical Hematology for Veterinary Technicians/Technologists

Clinical Pathology - Thorough Evaluation of a Peripheral Blood Smear

Conflict Resolution and Ethics Survey - Experiences and solutions in Veterinary Medicine

Dental Prophylaxis Set Up Check List

Dentistry - Anesthesia - Slide show by Dr. Allen Matson

Dentistry - Radiography - Making a good radiograph

Education - Teaching Aids for Classes and Labs - Integrating Technology

Ethylene Glycol Antifreeze

Exotics - Avian - Medications - Client Handout
You think your favorite pet bird is sick. Your first thought is to run to the pet store to get some "medicine" . After you get there you ask the clerk what to do and you are steered to a shelf with many "remedies" labeled for pet birds. . . In this brief article I will address these questions and also tell you how animal drugs are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Exotics - Avian - Psittacosis

Exotics - Fish - Hematology

Exotics - Pot bellied pigs - Anesthesia
Injectable anesthetic combinations, inhalational anesthesia, intubation, etc are discussed.

Exotics - Rabbits - Abscesses
Rabbit abscesses and their treatment including the use of antibiotic impregnated polymethyl methacrylate (AIPMMA) beads.

Exotics - Reptile - Medications - Antibiotics
Excel Spreadsheet for calculating antibiotic doses in reptiles.

Form - Anesthesia Flow Chart

Form - Anesthesia Monitoring Flow Chart

Form - Anesthesia Release

Form - Anesthesia - Preparation Check List

Form - Anesthesia - Surgery Record

Form - Animal Relinquishment

Form - Bile Acids

Form - Bloodwork - Explanation of your pet's bloodwork

Form - Canine Staging Map

Form - CBC Flowsheet

Form - Compliance Checklist

Form - Cortisol

Form - Cremation Pick up Letter

Form - CRI Formula - Lidocaine - Constant Rate Infusion

Form - CRI Formula - Metoclopramide - Constant Rate Infusion

Form - CRI Formula - MLK (Morphine, Lidocaine, Ketamine) - Constant Rate Infusion

Form - CRI Formula - Modified MLK (Morphine, Lidocaine, Ketamine) - Constant Rate Infusion

Form - Daily Inventory Checklist

Form - Dental Record - Canine

Form - Employment Rejection Letter

Form - Evaluation - Kennel Assistant

Form - Extra/Off Label Drug Use - Consent

Form - Feline Head Map

Form - Feline Staging Map

Form - Firing Client - Care Letter

Form - Firing Client - Legal Letter

Form - Fluid Therapy Tracking Sheet

Form - Glucose Curve Tracking Sheet

Form - Hematology Report

Form - Lab test results - overview for clients to explain lab results

Form - Medical Record basic chart sheet

Form - Medical Tests - Decline letter

Form - New Client Survey

Form - Patient Consent for Medical Treatment

Form - Patient Consent for Medical Treatment or Surgery

Form - Patient Consent to Perform Dentistry

Form - Patient Consent to Perform Surgery

Form - Patient History - Canine

Form - Patient History - Feline

Form - Payment Agreement

Form - Payment Plan - Deferred

Form - Peripheral Blood Smear Evaluation Form

Form - Pet Care Release - Clinic Employees

Form - Pharmacy - Internet Release

Form - Phone Shopper checklist

Form - Serum Chemistry

Form - Technician Test for Applicants

Form - Thyroid

Form - Transfusion Medicine Log sheet

Form - Transportation Waiver

Form - Travel Sheet Example

Form - Urinalysis

Form - Urinalysis Procedure Outline

Form - Welcome kit letter template

Form - X-ray Log Sheet

Holiday Hazards

Holiday Hazards 2

Hospital Safety - Chemotherapy and Cytotoxic Drug Safety Plan

Hospital Safety - OSHA Program - How to get started

Job Description - Customer Service

Job Description - Head Vet Tech A

Job Description - Head Vet Tech B

Job Description - Head Vet Tech C

Job Description - Head Vet Tech D

Job Description - Kennel Assistant

Job Description - Receptionist

Job Description - Veterinary Assistant

Job Description - Veterinary Technician

Laboratory Tests Waiver Form

Medicine - Tick Borne Disease - Canine Ehrlichiosis

Medicine - Tick Borne Disease - Lyme Borreliosis

Medicine - Tick Borne Disease - Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever


Office Management - Evaluation - Receptionist Performance Plan

Office Managers - Client Relations Challenges - The Client is Always Right

Oncology - Adriamycin (doxorubicin) - Client Information Sheet

Oncology - References for the Oncology Technician

Oncology - Veterinary Technician Cancer Society (VTCS) Bylaws

Personality - MBTI Keirsey Temperament Sorter - Score Sheet

Personality - MBTI Keirsey Temperament Sorter - Test

Personality - MBTI Personality Traits - References

Personality - MBTI Speed Reading

Personality - MBTI Typestyles - Define Traits

Physical Exam - Checklist

Poison Control - ASCPA

Practice Management - Client Questionnaire - Survey

Practice Management - Client Services - Rating your client services

Practice Management - Daily Cleaning List

Practice Management - Weekly Cleaning List

Practice Management - Employee Self Evaluation - Employee Performance Self-Evaluation Form

Practice Management - Employer ("Boss") Evaluation Form

Practice Management - Employee Interview Questions

 Practice Management - Evaluation - Surgical Technician Skills Level 1

 Practice Management - Evaluation - Surgical Equipment Manager/Assistant Skills

Practice Management - Free Time Duty Sheet - End of Month

Practice Management - Free Time Duty Sheet - Mid Month

Practice Management - Free Time Duty Sheet - Weekly

Practice Management - Internet and Social Media Policy

Practice Management - Meals and Breaks - FAQ

Practice Management - Phase Training

Practice Management - Post training questions - Specialty Surgery Department

Practice Management - Pregnancy - Practice Manager's Guidelines

Practice Management - Pregnancy - Veterinary Staff

 Practice Management - Receptionist Training Checklist

 Practice Management - Staff Training Document

 Practice Management - Training Checklist - Specialty Surgery Department

 Practice Management - Training - Phase Sample

Practice Management - Veterinary Assistant I (VAI) Task check off sheet

Practice Management - Veterinary Assistant II (VAII) Task check off sheet

Practice Management - Wage Grid Sample

Practice Management Wage Survey 2009 Staff and Manager Wage and Benefit Survey

Professional Development - How to be a writer!

Regulatory - Outdated Drugs - Disposal

Small Animal - Canine - Addison's disease

Small Animal - Canine - Behavior - Geriatric
Canine cognitive dysfunction and the use of l-Deprenyl are discussed.

Small Animal - Canine - Cardiology
A list of behavioral products with the names and addresses of companies that carry them.

Small Animal - Canine - Cardiology
This is a spreadsheet that calculates the normal echo values, body surface area, and rough digoxin dose (0.22 mg/m2 BID) for dogs.

Small Animal - Canine - Cardiology - Endocarditis
Echocardiographs of a dog with endocarditis.

Small Animal - Canine - Leptospirosis
This is a great article on the lepto outbreak in Long Island by Dr Diane Levitan at Antech.

Small Animal - Canine - Medications - Boxers
Compilation of information on the use of acepromazine in Boxers.

Small Animal - Canine - Medications - Bromide
Practical aspects of bromide therapy for seizure disorders. Q and A format by Dr. Lauren Trepanier, DVM, PhD, DACVIM.

Small Animal - Canine/Feline - Behavior - Geriatrics
Geriatric Behavior Problems and their treatment in dogs and cats.

Small Animal - Canine/Feline - Behavior - Products
Updated file by Dr Gary Landsberg containing information on products and manufacturers of products used in veterinary behavior management.

Small Animal - Canine/Feline - Behavior - Resources
Updated file by Dr Gary Landsberg containing information on behavior texts, training books, pamphlets and associations.

Small Animal - Feline - Behavior - Declawing/scratching
Useful information on feline behavior involving scratching and the role of declawing.

Small Animal - Feline - Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)
An FIP handout from Dr. Alice Wolf.

Small Animal - Feline - Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) - Testing

Small Animal - Feline - Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) - Zoonosis
This file contains the results of a literature search with abstracts on FeLV and its zoonotic potential.

 Small Animal - Feline - Vaccinations - Guidelines

 Small Animal - Health Profile - Adult Pet

 Small Animal - Health Profile - Senior Pet

 Small Animal - Heartworm - Test Consent Form

 Small Animal - Ophthalmology - Glaucoma

 Small Animal - Ophthalmology - Tumors

 Small Animal - Pesticide - Advantage
FAQ on the new flea adulticide from Bayer.

 Specialty Certification - Veterinary Technicians - Emergency Critical Care - Hints and how to put all your information together

 Surgery Form - Checklist for Surgical Patient

 Surgery - Pre-Surgical Exam Checklist

 Surgery - Surgical and Anesthetic Release Form

Toxicology - Antifreeze Poisoning Information

Toxicology - Antifreeze Toxicoses

 Toxicology Chocolate Calculation table

Toxicology - Client Handout

Toxicology - Common Household Hazards Part I

Toxicology - Common Household Hazards Part II

Toxicology - Decontamination Do's and Don'ts

Toxicology - Drugs to have on Hand

Toxicology - Insecticides - Small Animal Toxicoses

 Toxicology - Non-toxic Plants

Toxicology - Poison Emergency Management Tips

 Toxicology - Poisonous Plants - Cats and Dogs

Toxicology - Rodenticides - Small Animal Toxicoses

Toxicology - Xylitol

Toxicology - Xylitol - client education handout

Travel - Flying your Pet

Treatment Authorization Form - Medical or Surgical

 Veterinary Technician - National Veterinary Technician Week Poll - 2006

 Veterinary Technician - Performance Plan

Veterinary Technicians - NVTW 2008 Press Release

Veterinary Technicians - NVTW 2008 Proclamation

 Veterinary Technicians - VT appointments - pros/cons

Winter Hazards Part I - Overview

Winter Hazards Part II - Antifreeze Toxicity

Zoonotic Diseases

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